Kenya-based supermarket chain Foodplus recently debuted Free From Foods sugar-free vegan ice cream. The line is made by local vegan baker Katya Horwitz-Kanygina and consists of five flavors: Avocado, Mint & Brownie, Strawberry, Double Chocolate, Tamarillo (a tropical fruit), and Peanuts Caramel & Chocolate. Horwitz-Kanygina began formulating vegan recipes for dessert items after finding it difficult to source dairy products from stores in Nyahururu, the remote area of Kenya where she resides. She began crafting vegan baked goods such as brownies and ice cream to circumvent her inability to use dairy, leading her to discover a demand for vegan desserts. “It turned out that many people, poor things, suffer from different allergies and cannot eat those cakes due to risk of death,” Horwitz-Kanygina explained on Facebook, “but what was more amazing, there are some that refuse [to eat] eggs and dairy by their own will, religion, or veganism.” Horwitz-Kanygina’s gluten-free vegan brownies are also available at select retailers in Nairobi.