Brooklyn-Style Vegan Bodega to Open in St. Paul

Local chef Colin Anderson plans to transform his restaurant Eureka Compass Vegan Food into a full-service corner store that delivers Amy’s burritos and plant-based pizzas.


Vegan chef/entrepreneur Colin Anderson plans to open a Brooklyn-style vegan bodega in St. Paul, MN. This weekend, plant-based concept Eureka Compass Vegan Food will begin operations selling a limited menu of vegan foods such as sweet and savory croissants, muffins, cookies, brownies, scones, salads, and “magic tacos” filled with barbecue jackfruit and chickpea cutlets. Anderson plans to introduce vegan pizza nights in the near future, before expanding the space to include an all-vegan market. “You can call Eureka Compass and say, ‘Can you bring me a pizza, dish soap, toilet paper, some of your chocolate chip cookies, and three frozen Amy’s burritos?’ And get that delivered to your house,” Anderson told City Pages. “We’re completely reimagining how impactful a vegan business can be, not just to the vegan community, but to a whole residential neighborhood.”

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