Move over BLTs and chicken salad sandwiches; the decade’s most-loved sandwich goes to hummus and falafel. A survey of 2,000 UK residents carried out by British bread brand Warburtons mapped the nation’s top sandwich fillings for five decades. Ham salad, chicken salad, BLT, and smoked salmon and cream cheese took top honors in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, respectively. Until now, vegan fillings have been noticeably absent from rankings, but survey participants have named hummus and falafel as their new favorite sandwich filling. “Whilst the humble sandwich has remained a classic UK favorite over the decades, it’s interesting to see the fillings that fall in and out of favor in line with trends and preferences,” Warburtons innovation director Darren Littler said. “Now, with a vastly increased number of choices compared to years gone by, more adventurous fillings are now clearly the order of the day for many Brits, with corned beef no longer cutting the mustard.” According to a 2018 report by research firm Compare the Market, Limited, 3.5 million Brits identify as vegan and comprise seven percent of the nation’s population. This represents a 600-percent increase from just two years ago, as found by The Vegan Society.

Photo courtesy of Wicked Kitchen

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