IKEA Replaces Dairy with Vegan Soft-Serve in Malaysia

IKEA Replaces Dairy with Vegan Soft-Serve in Malaysia

The furniture chain says its new cruelty-free ice cream option is “soy much better.”


International furniture company IKEA added vegan soft-serve to its Malaysian outposts last week. “We’ve now swapped our vanilla soft-serve with 100 percent plant-based, dairy- and gluten-free soya ice-cream,” IKEA Malaysia posted to its Facebook page last week. “[It’s] all part of our plan towards a more sustainable environment, one soya ice-cream at a time.” The company announced in June that it would introduce a plant-based ice cream option to its IKEA Bistros worldwide by the end of summer 2019. As part of its initiative to offer more vegan-friendly options, IKEA will also add a plant-based hot dog—which it debuted in one store in Sweden earlier this year—to its United States IKEA Bistro locations this fall.

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