Jenna Dewan Crushes Vegan Fast-Food Without Smearing Her Lipstick

The actress demolished vegan options from White Castle, Carl’s Jr., Burger King, and Domino’s without a single smudge. 


Vegan actress/model Jenna Dewan ate a heaping variety of vegan fast-food during a recent video interview with Women’s Health Magazine. Dewan sampled vegan burgers from Carl’s Jr., Denny’s, White Castle (both its Impossible and veggie-based patties), cheeseless pizza from Domino’s, tacos from Chipotle, and French toast sticks from Burger King (which she chose as her favorite of the spread). The actress has been vegan for six years, during which she has mostly followed a diet comprised of whole, unprocessed plant foods. “Fast-food and vegan don’t normally go together,” Dewan said. “My mind is being blown at the moment, because I did not know this actually existed.”

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