Florida school district Miami-Dade County Public Schools is starting the new school year with more vegan options at its 392 schools. “This year, we’re gonna be introducing a new plant-based vegan chili, cilantro, and a chipotle brown rice,” Penny Parham, the district’s food and nutrition officer, said. Parham also revealed that the district will provide free breakfast, which includes an increased number of locally sourced fruit and vegetables, each day of the week in its effort to keep students energized. Parham urged parents to teach children about good nutrition at home so that they make healthy choices while at school. At the beginning of the year, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) introduced vegan lunch options to 35 of its schools and has received overwhelmingly positive responses from students. “They are asking for vegan now,” LAUSD Food Services Director Joseph Vaughn said. “Students are paying more attention to what they eat.”

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