Mya to Headline Baltimore Vegan Soulfest

The Grammy-award winning vegan singer joins plant-based doctors, activists, and 150 food vendors at the fifth annual festival to bring awareness of the importance of veganism to communities of color. 


Mya, a Grammy-award winning singer and vegan activist, will hit the stage today to perform at the fifth annual Vegan Soulfest in Baltimore. The event is anticipated to draw more than 10,000 attendees and will feature 150 vegan food vendors, a variety of performers, and influential vegan people of color such as Milton Mills, MD (a doctor who appeared in documentary What the Health), vegan nutrition company VeganSmart co-founder John Lewis, and acclaimed nutritionist Tracye McQuirter. In 2014, community center Thrive Baltimore founder Brenda Sanders partnered with Naijha Wright-Brown, who co-owns vegan soul food restaurant The Land of Kush, to create the event as a valuable resource to bring plant-based education to Baltimore. “With celebs like Mya in attendance, our hope is to extend our reach even further into marginalized communities,” Sanders told VegNews. “We want this life-saving information to get to the people who have the least access to it.”