Chilis on Wheels—an organization that aims to make veganism accessible to communities in need—recently launched the Low-Income Vegan Education (LIVE) Mentorship Program. Started and run by vegan volunteers of color, the no-cost, 21-day online program offers participants daily information emails, a cost-effective meal plan, and a vegan mentor of a similar background to assist them on their journey to a vegan lifestyle. “While we have already been doing one-on-one mentorships, we realized there was a space missing in online vegan jumpstart and mentorship programs that would take into consideration our cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds,” Chilis on Wheels Founder and Executive Director Michelle Carrera told VegNews. “We decided to create an online platform that would allow us to reach more people than our one-on-one efforts, and to compile culturally-relevant recipes that don’t require too many ingredients yet are satisfying, delicious, and healthy.” Chilis on Wheels—which currently has chapters in the United States and Puerto Rico—holds various events to feed people in need, including an annual Thanksgiving Community Feast where it provides free vegan meals and companionship to homeless New Yorkers.

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