Renowned vegan cardiologist Joel Kahn, MD, will appear on the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast on September 27 for a debate with pro-paleo author Chris Kresser. Kahn, who promotes plant-based nutrition to prevent and reverse disease, will argue the disadvantages of the paleo diet from a health and environmental perspective, and anticipates debating other hot topics such as the “carnivore movement,” ketogenic diet, and fasting. “It’s going to be pretty technical: we’re going to talk about lectins and phytic acid and zinc and why vegans have to supplement, and the carnivore movement and how the heck they even have bowel movements,” Kahn told Plant-Based News. Podcast host Joe Rogan, who is an Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator and comedian, has a history of slamming the vegan lifestyle and publicly advocating for meat consumption. Although JRE has previously featured vegan advocates such as Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn (producers of the documentaries Cowspiracy and What The Health) and ultra-athlete Rich Roll, Kahn’s appearance will be the first time a vegan medical professional will be featured on the show. “The vegan athlete, the vegan cage fighter—Nick Diaz, Mac Danzig, and James Wilks—[Joe Rogan] knows who they are,” Kahn said. “He’s just never stopped to think that they are actually stronger and better at a sport that he’s an expert at, because they don’t eat meat and because they don’t choose paleo. I think we can make a lot of inroads with the vegan athletic movement.”

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