United Kingdom supermarket chain Tesco sold 4 million units of vegan meal line Wicked Kitchen since its launch at 600 stores in January. Created by vegan chef Derek Sarno—who serves as Tesco’s executive chef and Director of Plant-Based Innovation (and is the co-founder of the brand Wicked Healthy with brother Chad Sarno)—the line features 20 prepared meals such as Caponata Sourdough Pizza, Smashin’ Pumpkin Falafel Sandwich, and Carrot Pastrami-Spiced Wrap. “We’ve proven to the world it’s time for a change, and people are responding,” Derek Sarno said. “I [have] no idea what that equates to when thinking of less suffering, and I can’t think that way because there is still suffering going on this very moment as long as we’re not connected to the foods we choose to eat. But it proves we can change, are changing, and if we continue to provide delicious [plant-based] choices, we will succeed much faster.” Stateside, the Sarno brothers are preparing to launch their newest project, vegan seafood company Good Catch Foods, after raising $8.7 million in investment capital this month—some of which came from PWH Group, the largest producer of poultry in Europe.