Vegan Bakery Creates CBD-Infused Cookies

Courtney’s Cookies in Miami is slinging vegan treats made with CBD that promote sleep and relaxation. 


Florida-based gluten-free vegan bakery Courtney’s Cookies recently developed cannabidiol (CBD)-infused vegan cookies in two functional flavors: Chill Out and Nighty Night. The bakery partnered with local CBD company Physician’s Preferred to source the key ingredient—a non-psychoactive extract from marijuana that is believed to have calming properties. The Chill Out flavor contains 25 mg of CBD while Nighty Night features 50mg of CBD and 3 mg of sleep-promoting melatonin. “We wanted to infuse our cookies with CBD because it perfectly aligns with our core values around health and wellness,” Courtney’s Cookies founder Courtney Kohout told Time Out. “I definitely feel the effects from both our Chill Out and Nighty Night cookies. They do exactly what their names suggest.” In addition to CBD-infused cookies, the bakery offers an array of vegan cookies, cookie cakes, and ice cream cookie sandwiches featuring its coconut and cashew-based vegan ice cream.

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