Vegan Food Bank Launches in Canada

London Vegan Food Bank makes plant-based eating possible for all Canadians regardless of income level. 


All-vegan organization London Vegan Food Bank recently opened in Canada. The food bank was founded by Cassidy Jordyn and Brennan Moore with the mission of making plant-based foods, particularly fresh fruit and vegetables, accessible to all Canadians. “There’s definitely a need. At the regular food banks, who do great work, they don’t actually have 100-percent plant-based donation boxes available,” Jordyn told local media outlet CBC News. “A lot of people who might be in a position to use the food bank and follow a vegan diet are out of luck.” The food bank is supplied by donations from local companies and Canadian farms and, in addition to fresh produce, offers users vegan muffins, plant-based milk, pasta, bagels, and Oreos—which the bank ships to Canadians in need. The duo plan to open a “pay what you wish” store in the future with expanded vegan options.

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