Veganism was the most popular topic discussed this year by social media influencers across platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram, according to market research firm Brandwatch. In its annual report about social media trends, the company used its analytics systems to find that 54 percent of “foodie influencers” tweeted about vegan foods in 2018—followed by 24 percent who mentioned gluten-free products and only 22 percent who posted about vegetarian foods.  While the report identified that the top five foods discussed on social media platforms were chicken, chocolate, cheese, cake, and salad, it was the vegan versions that influencers tagged most. “There’s a lot of potential variety to the vegan diet, and many of the products we associate with being meaty or dairy-y [sic] are still accessible to vegans,” Brandwatch Social Data Journalist Gemma Joyce explained. “We can’t compare this data to last year’s since the methodology was very different, but we can say that the signs point to the continuing popularity of veganism online.”

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