Plant-based seafood brand Ocean Hugger Foods has partnered with vegan delivery service Veestro to launch the Ahimi Sushi Bowl meal this week. The new entrée option, which can be ordered a la carte for a trial price of $5 without a Veestro subscription, features seaweed salad, daikon radish, carrots, edamame, brown rice, and is topped with a serving of vegan tuna alternative “ahimi.” Ocean Hugger Foods founder James Cromwell developed ahimi—which is made with five ingredients: tomato, soy sauce, sugar, water, and sesame oil—after witnessing the mass slaughter of tuna during a visit to Japan’s Tsukiji fish market. After a trial at select locations, ahimi was added to the sushi case at 40 Whole Foods Markets where it is sold in two preparations: Ahimi California Roll and Ahimi Sushi Combo. In February, Veestro partnered with vegan seafood brand New Wave Foods to create Shr’mp Jambalaya, a meal option featuring the brand’s innovative, soy- and algae-based vegan shrimp.