Thanks to the efforts of vegan waitress Megan Brophy, iconic diner chain Bob’s Big Boy has unveiled a new item on the specials menu at its longstanding Burbank, CA location: a fully vegan burger served on a vegan bun. The 24-hour location of the restaurant has been a fixture in Burbank since the 1950s, and while vegan customers could previously modify vegetarian options to be served without animal products, the new burger—which features a patty by vegan brand Hungry Planet Foods—can be ordered vegan as-is. “I’ve been vegan for six years now, and I’ve worked at this restaurant for 18 years. I’ve been working hard for the past three years to get a vegan burger in, and they finally gave in,” Brophy explained in a video produced by animal-rights organization Mercy For Animals. “People are very excited to see that a 1950s American iconic restaurant has stepped up to the plate and given to the vegan community what we are all asking for so vegans can go out with their friends and all eat together.” Brophy is calling upon the vegan community to support the new vegan burger in hopes that Bob’s Big Boy adds it to the permanent menu.

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