Ninety percent of vegetarians in the United States are considering veganism, according to a recent survey commissioned by food communications consultant Ingredient Communications. The online survey of 1,000 consumers also found that 50 percent of vegans in the US are unhappy with the product choices available to them, and 31 percent are dissatisfied with the range of suitable product options. The survey shows that, while many consumers are shifting toward plant-based diets, the current level of dissatisfaction suggests there is an opportunity for innovation in the food industry. “Our research indicates the scale and pace of the shift towards vegetable-based diets,” Richard Clarke, Ingredient Communications founder and managing director, said. “Whatever the reason for their choices—ethical, environmental, or health-related—many consumers expect the food industry to do more to keep up with them. For manufacturers of both finished products and ingredients, it’s clear there are rewards for putting greater focus on the needs of vegans and vegetarians.”