Carnival Cruises Adds Hand-Formed Vegan Burgers to Guy Fieri Eateries Fleetwide

Guy’s Burger Joint now serves a black bean-, tofu-, and rice-based veggie burger across Carnival’s 23 cruise ships. 


A new, hand-formed vegan burger was recently added to the menu of 23 Carnival cruise ships. The burger is available onboard at Guy’s Burger Shop, an eatery Carnival first opened in 2011 in partnership with Food Network personality Guy Fieri aboard the Carnival Liberty. The cruise company’s culinary team follows a detailed recipe to create the patties, which includes soaking black beans overnight before mashing them, marinating pumpkin, roasting cauliflower, sauteeing mushrooms, adding tofu and rice, and kneading the mixture into a “tight structure.” At this year’s Stagecoach Country Music Festival in April—a typically meat-centric event—Fieri served two vegan options, including a Thai Curry Burrito that VegNews’ photographer/writer Jackie Sobon said “baffled” the non-vegan fest-goers.