Tech giant Facebook is launching a virtual classroom in partnership with Raise Vegan Inc., a vegan parenting online community and magazine, which is one of 25 select Facebook groups to test the subscription-based platform. Working closely with Facebook developers during the previous year, Raise Vegan is now beta-testing the new platform for three months. The Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting Facebook group will offer six-week courses through its virtual classroom—available to the group’s 44,000 members at a subscription rate of $9.99 per month—the first of which will highlight fertility and nutrition, breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, and nutrition for toddlers through to adulthood, led by vegan registered dieticians Dahlia and James Marin. “We only get one chance to raise children, and if they are missing nutrients, it has a life-long effect on them,” Raise Vegan Inc. CEO Janet Kearney told VegNews. “We know, as parents, how nervous those decisions can make us, so one well-meaning argument from a family member or someone in authority may reverse a decision to raise vegan kids. These courses are the easiest way to deliver [vegan nutrition] information.” Along with online videos, subscribers are given weekly vegan meal plans, grocery lists, and real-time access to course leaders. Kearney hopes to eventually make the courses available in multiple languages to “make it easier to raise a whole generation vegan.”