Bloomsbury Sigma, one of the world’s largest book publishers—and the publisher of the Harry Potter series—will release a new animal-rights book in September 2019. Grilled: Turning Adversaries to Allies in the Fight to Change the Chicken Industry is written by the US Executive Director of Compassion in World Farming and forthcoming President of Mercy for Animals, Leah Garcés, and centers around the fight for better conditions for farmed animals. In this new tome, Garcés features stories on whistleblowing rural farmers, chicken tycoons, activists, venture capitalists, and laboratory meat scientists. “Leah’s story of how she is achieving demonstrable change … improving the lives of millions, perhaps billions of animals in the process, is simply irresistible,” Bloomsbury Sigma’s Jim Martin said, “and I’m proud to have the opportunity to bring it to a wide audience.”

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