Pub chain Marston’s recently added the vegan B12 Burger to the menu of its 413 locations in the United Kingdom. The burger is made by British brand Moving Mountains Foods, which signed a £1 million ($1.28 million) distribution deal with the national chain. Moving Mountains unveiled the burger earlier this year after two years of developing the patty—which is made with mushrooms, potatoes, beets, wheat and soy proteins, and coconut oil. “We have listened to our customers and taken the growing demand for healthier and alternative options across the pub sector as a great opportunity to develop and update our menu,” Marston’s senior food development manager Nicola Arrow said. “The Moving Mountains B12 Burger not only caters to our vegetarian and vegan customers, but also to those who are trying to make more conscious health or ethical choices when eating out.” In June, British cocktail and restaurant chain Dirty Bones added the B12 Burger—which it serves as the Vegan Mac Daddy, topped with cashew-based mac and cheese and mushroom-based “short rib”—to its five locations in London. Meanwhile, the anticipated August launch of United States-based Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger at 350 locations of UK supermarket Tesco is delayed while the brand increases production to meet growing global demand for its popular plant-based patties.