Home cook Kevin Biegel tweeted a photo of vegan brisket last week. “Vegan brisket experiment was a success! 18-hour smoke over oak. Is it beef? Nope. But the taste/texture are pretty great,” Biegel captioned the photo. “Mix of jackfruit, seitan, miso, beer, Franklin BBQ sauce made with extra sugar so it carmalized to a crust—and it did! Plus, I don’t feel gross after eating it!” Biegel created a plant-based version of brisket to consume healthier foods. Biegel’s post elicited an array of responses, many from people that criticized the heart-attack survivor for calling a plant-based roast “brisket,” and taunting him with photos of animal-based meat. “I encourage anyone who thinks vegans are obnoxious to read the replies to this,” one commenter responded. Biegel responded to the backlash by changing the name of his dish to “vrisket” and sharing the recipe he used, a modified version of the Texas BBQ Brisket from cookbook Great Vegan BBQ Without A Grill. Biegel admitted that he rebelliously used a grill to prepare the vrisket, a fact that did not elicit backlash.

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