Hello Baby, a modern vegan food kiosk, opened this month inside of the bustling Chinatown Street Market in Singapore. The kiosk—which previously operated as a pop-up—serves street food such as jackfruit-based Cubano sandwiches, vegan waffles topped with caraway maple syrup, egg-free frittatas, burgers, twice-baked potatoes, coconut-based ice cream and milkshakes, and a plant-based take on local favorite “chili crab”—made with enoki mushrooms slathered in a spicy sauce and served in a traditional mantou steamed bun. “We are redefining and challenging your ideas of veganism. You don’t have to be vegan to eat vegan,” the company’s motto states. “You don’t have to be vegan to like our food. You don’t even have to like vegetables. We’re grubby, delicious, and fun. Our food just happens to be vegan.”

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