German vegan doughnut chain Brammibal’s Donuts opened its third location this month in the space previously occupied by a Starbucks in Berlin—only a few hundred feet from a location of international doughnut chain Dunkin’. The shop, owned by couple Jessica Jeworutzki and Bram van Montfort, uses preservative-free dough for its treats that come in a variety of flavors, including Rosehip Jam, Choc Pretzel, Salted Caramel Hazelnut, and a vegan take on “The Berliner”—a popular local pastry filled with plum jam. The shop also offers a “charity donut” flavor—which rotates monthly and is €3.50 ($4) more expensive than its other offerings—to raise money for various charitable organizations. “I believe that acknowledging our social responsibility as a business is really important because a lot of people nowadays prefer supporting brands they can feel good about,” Jeworutzki told Forbes. “Obviously, we also care about veganism and sustainability, and are very upfront about it.” Last year, Brammibal’s sold 250,000 vegan doughnuts and is already surpassing that amount, ten months into this year.

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