All-vegan Super Bowl tailgating pop-up #VeganAtTheGame will launch on February 1 and 2 in Atlanta, GA. The free, curated event hosted by chef and activist Kimberly Barnes will feature Atlanta’s top vegan chefs, influencers, vendors, giveaways, music, and games. The chef lineup will include 14-year-old vegan Shi La Chef and caterer Nathan Akeem. Chef Barnes will also be serving vegan chili, plantain potato salad, mac and cheese, and collard greens with Hotlanta pepper sauce. “As a vegan, I frequently have to eat in advance of the [Super Bowl] or prepare my own meal in order to fully participate,” Barnes told VegNews. “#VeganAtTheGame means that now, you’re on my turf. I set the rules. I set the menu. But no flavor or fun will be lost.” During the event, which will coincide with Atlanta’s downtown Super Bowl celebrations, Barnes and comedian Bruce Leroy Williams will produce four live episodes of the vegan-centric podcast ”Do Fries Come With That Convo.” “The heart of #VeganAtTheGame is to bring vegan to the streets, introducing non-vegans and the vegan-curious to good vegan food so the next time they’re thinking about eating meat, they know they don’t have to,” Barnes said. “It’s all about knowing better to do better. And that’s a win for everyone.”

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