Vegan director Kevin Smith posted a side-by-side photo of himself from 2009 and 2019 to show his dramatic health transformation as part of the “How Hard Did Age Hit You?” challenge. Smith credited his apparent weight loss to “Runyon hikes” (a popular hiking destination in Los Angeles) and “going vegan.” With support from his vegan daughter Harley Quinn Smith, the Clerks director transitioned to a plant-based diet last year after surviving a near-fatal “widowmaker” heart attack. Since the transition, Smith has credited his diet for helping him lose more than 50 pounds—a milestone set by his doctor to prevent further heart complications. During Thanksgiving, Smith teamed with his daughter and animal-rescue group Farm Sanctuary to appear in a video urging fans to leave turkeys off their plates. Vegan chain Veggie Grill has become one of Smith’s favorite restaurants, so much so that last year, he paid $200 to have a fan deliver his go-to order while Smith was laid over at the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

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