United Kingdom-based fried chicken restaurant chain Absurd Bird recently launched a vegan menu across all of its locations. The new options include vegan fried chicken tenders made from double-coated Quorn, chicken and waffles, battered broccoli and cauliflower Cajun bites, chickpea and sweet potato burgers, Buffalo chicken fillets, and mac and cheese. Absurd Bird also offers vegan chicken as an addition to any of its salad bowls. “We noticed the rising numbers of vegetarians and vegans and thought it was incredibly important to make our menu as accessible as possible,” Laura Hutchinson, Absurd Bird social media executive, told VegNews. “There are so many delicious plant-based ingredients and creations that meant we really didn’t need to compromise on taste and could create menu options like vegan chicken and waffles that were just as delicious as the original ones.” Absurd Bird plans to further expand its vegan options with desserts and milkshakes in the coming months.

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