Miami Vice-Themed Vegan Eatery Takes Over UK Cocktail Lounge

The cult-classic show gets a vegan twist with Vegan Vice Club, a colorful new eatery serving seitan-based TenderChop chicken with tropical cocktails.


United Kingdom-based company Vegan Vice Club will take over Cambridge restaurant Ta Bouche starting this month. Vegan Vice Club—which gets its branding inspiration from iconic television series Miami Vice—will serve a vegan menu centered around its seitan-based “TenderChop” chicken with Havana-themed vegan cocktails developed by Ta Bouche. “We started the Vice Club because we wanted to be the portal into the curious world of vegan flavor, love, and good energy for many of the v-curious newcomers in the growing age of food knowledge,” the company stated on Instagram. Vegan Vice Club began operations last year as a mobile street vendor in Cambridge, Manchester, and surrounding areas, and frequently made appearances at monthly festival Vegan Nights in London.

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