Musician and vegan activist Moby’s newest memoir Then It Fell Apart will be released in May—exactly 20 years after the debut of his most-famous studio album Play. “It’s really dark,” Moby explained on Instagram. “So much so that my editor asked me, ‘Are you sure you want to include all of this stuff?’” Published by United Kingdom-based Faber Books, the book includes cameos from fellow musicians David Bowie, Eminem, and Lou Reed; President Donald Trump; and filmmaker David Lynch. All profits from the book will go to support animal-rights organizations. Last year, Moby announced his retirement from touring to focus on animal advocacy. Since then, he listed his $1.3 million New York property for sale with all profits to benefit charitable organizations and opened an online shop for his musical equipment and personal record collection to raise funds in support of vegan medical group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Then It Fell Apart will be Moby’s second memoir after the release of Porcelain in May 2016.