Virtual vegan restaurant Lucky Cat Vegan recently opened in Dallas, TX, offering menu items that can only be ordered through food-delivery app UberEats. The delivery-only eatery offers dishes such as Cauliflower “Steak” with Cashew and Raisin Pulao; Crispy Hoisin Tofu and Veggies with Basmati Rice; Sweet Chili “Beef” Meatballs; and the Poblano Impossible Burger topped with poblano aioli, vegan cheddar cheese, tempura poblano fritters, spinach, pickles, jalapenos, and onion. “Having a virtual restaurant really streamlines things for the restaurateur,” Lucky Cat Vegan owner Navin Hariprasad told media outlet Dallas Observer. “You’re not having to build a whole separate brick-and-mortar and deal with the variables when it comes to overhead and staffing a full restaurant.” All Lucky Cat Vegan food is prepared in the kitchen of Hariprasad’s omnivore restaurant Spice in the City, but Hariprasad uses separate pans and fryers to avoid cross-contamination. UberEats first launched its virtual restaurant initiative in New York City in 2017 and approached Hariprasad about opening a virtual restaurant in Dallas. UberEats confirmed that a vegan restaurant was highly sought after in the area. “UberEats is the first platform we’re on, but we hope to expand to other platforms as well,” Hariprasad said. “We know there’s a huge need for it. We want to get our feet wet, assess the volumes first and then focus on expansion.”