Vegan chefs are in high demand in the United Kingdom, according to a report compiled by job search engine Azuna. The company collected internal data on its site throughout 2018 to determine the top job vacancies UK business owners are looking to fill. In addition to blockchain developers, Brexit planners, and driverless car salesmen, Azuna found that vegan chefs are in high demand across the nation as consumers shift toward a plant-based diet. The data found that vegan chefs are offered an average salary of £30,000 ($38,211) and most job vacancies are posted in London and South East England. “It’s always fascinating to see how developments in the political and technological world are impacting [job] vacancies,” Adzuna co-founder Andrew Hunter said. “Issues and trends such as sustainability and veganism have also had a profound impact on the job market, and it’s pleasing to see how brand new job roles have been created to serve demand in these areas.” In November, culinary school Vegan Chef Institute launched a fast-track program to help aspiring culinarians quickly move into the workforce.

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