During a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Smackdown Live event, professional wrestler Daniel Bryan—who plays a vegan character, sometimes portrayed as villainous—unveiled a vegan belt he created from hemp and hand-carved oak to replace the coveted leather-based belt traditionally awarded to WWE champions. In December, Bryan teased that a vegan championship title belt was in the works. “After I beat you, I am going to take this leather strap that was made from a skinned cow that I like to name Daisy and I am going to replace it with something sustainable, something better,” Brian said. “And the new Daniel Bryan is going to create a new world that these people don’t have any part of.” Before revealing the new vegan belt this week, Bryan threw the old leather version into a garbage can, stating, “This is trash … to change the world, we need new symbols,” and named his vegan version as “the new symbol of excellence.” To further promote veganism, Bryan turned to the crowd and said, “you guys chanted for Daisy … why don’t you explain to your children that you kill Daisy every time you eat a burger?” The new hemp-based championship title belt is available for use within the WWE2K19 video game.