Gaming company Capcom will release a remake of popular game Resident Evil 2 on January 25 complete with a more photorealistic version of secret character Tofu. The bean curd-based character was first introduced in 1998 as a simple white block but will make his revamped debut as an extra-firm, glistening tofu warrior. According to the game’s demo and trailer, Tofu will also no longer have floating hands but will wield a knife (or possibly other weapons) and wear an official Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S) hat as he battles the zombies in Racoon City. While the health level bar of Tofu’s previous iteration simply depleted from an off-white color to red, the character now endures physical damages in the form of missing chunks. Aside from a trailer for the game, further official details about the character have yet to be released. However, Resident Evil die-hard fans have formulated various theories about Tofu’s capabilities and features, including his ability to change “skins” to resemble Pudding, Uiro (a rice cake similar to mochi), Annin (a soft jelly-like dessert), and Konjac (a tuber-based gelatin). Players who completed the “The Tofu Survivor” scenario in the 1998 game were met with a grim ending where fellow character Hunk cooked Tofu in a hot pot. Fans are hopeful that the new ending will allow Tofu to live long enough to celebrate his zombie-slaying victory.

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