A group of 65 scientists signed a demand letter calling upon the mayors of cities worldwide to slash the amount of meat and dairy products served on school menus. The letter is signed by a diverse group of researchers from Spain, France, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, the Philippines, and the United States. “Scientific consensus of currently observed and projected future climate and biodiversity impacts clearly calls for the rapid transformation of our society at all scales and across all sectors, in order to maintain a safe climate and planet for the future of humanity,” the letter states. The scientists explain that mayors have the authority to make an impact in terms of public policy, citing recent victories such as the expansion of Meatless Mondays at all 1,700 NYC public schools implemented by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams. “To create a future that is healthy for both citizens and the planet,” the letter states, “We call on mayors today to reduce meat in the meals served in our public canteens and to increase plant-based foods.” The letter will be delivered during the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact & C40 global cities summits in France that start on October 7, where the scientists have made themselves available to discuss the research about the climate impact of animal agriculture.

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