Let’s be honest, your dog really doesn’t care to dress up as a pumpkin or a vegan hot dog. Sure, they might humor you and refrain from ripping their adorably embarrassing costume into shreds, but for dogs, dressing up is more of a trick than a treat. This year, give your canine companion a real treat (and no, this doesn’t mean letting them lick the peanut butter jar and filming them for Instagram giggles). Here are seven vegan dog treats to make up for all the years you dressed them up as an admittedly cute but miserable skunk. 

1. Homemade Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats
Even if you’re not a baker, you can master making dog treats. These simple, six-ingredient treats come together in under a half-hour, and you probably already have the ingredients in your cupboard. Spend some quality bonding time with your dog in the kitchen, and let him or her lick the spoon.

2. V-Dog Breathbones and Wiggle Biscuits
We love smooches from our pooches—but dog breath can be gnarly (granted, they might say the same about us). This vegan dog food company is out to remedy bad breath with these plant-based cinnamon-scented breathbones. Your dog will also love the heart-shaped peanut butter or blueberry flavored organic Wiggle Biscuits. You might just want to try one yourself!

3. Halo Healthsome Garden of Vegan Dog Treats
This non-GMO, whole food ingredient pet food company offers a vegan line with two plant-based treat options for your pooch. Both the Grain Free Peanut n’ Pumpkin and Sweet Potato, Carrot & Quinoa dog biscuits are made with minimal, simple ingredients. If only human Halloween candy could be that good and minimally processed. 

4. Wholesome Pride Pet Treats
Made with just one plant-based ingredient, you can’t get more minimalist than this. They’re simple-yet-scrumptious—at least, your dog will think so. The original sweet potato-based treats come in chews, mini-bites, and “fries.” Pumpkin strips and limited edition banana bites are also available.   

5. Wild Earth Superfood Dog Treats With Koji
Give your pup a protein boost with these bite-sized peanut butter flavored snacks. Instead of meat, they’re made with koji—a protein-dense fungi. The strong peanut butter taste masks fungi flavor so they think they’re getting a treat. Think of these as the canine equivalent to your post-workout homemade peanut butter protein balls. 

6. by CHLOE Pupcakes and Bag O’ Dog Bones
Grab your dog a treat while picking up a Quinoa Taco salad and Chlostess cupcake. The vegan chain makes two dog-friendly baked goods—an oaty cupcake-shaped Pupcake and a more traditional peanut butter bone-shaped biscuit. This way, your dog won’t be jealously eyeing that side of dairy-free mac and cheese you also brought home. 

7. Lazy Dog Cookie Co Muttster Mash Pup Pie
Whether it’s a special occassion or your dog just mastered potty training, they deserve something more than the everyday treat. This vegan cake-like goody comes completes with dog-friendly frosting and sprinkles. Each pie contains ten slices which makes it perfect for a pup party. Serve this on Halloween and they might just forgive you for all the times you put a costume on them. 


Tanya Flink is a Digital Editor at VegNews as well as a writer and fitness enthusiast living in Orange County, CA.

Photo credit: Wholesome Pride Pet Treats

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