This week, vegan musician Billie Eilish recently took a firm stance against the fur industry on Instagram in front of her 40.6 million followers. The singer posted images of a white mink—similar to the animal in a video that recently went viral on Twitter—to her Instagram story. “Just so you know … this is a mink,” Eilish captioned one image. “You b*tches getting mink lashes and mink slippers disgust me.” Eilish captioned the second mink image with “Where is [your] heart at?” While the 17-year-old singer admits she is typically quiet about most issues, Eilish has become more outspoken about animal rights in recent months. In June, after an undercover investigation at dairy producer Fair Oaks Farms revealed rampant abuse of mother and baby cows, Eilish took to Instagram to encourage her followers to “be smarter” and go vegan. In September, the singer also released a video in partnership with fellow vegan Woody Harrelson that discusses the climate benefits of going vegan. To help her fans follow in her footsteps, Eilish recently shared a video of her order at Taco Bell—which consists of 20 bean burritos.