Next spring, Colorado will get its first all-vegan ice cream truck. Vegan ice cream company Best One Yet, which currently delivers its frozen treats on a Vespa scooter, will expand to serving its products on a full-sized ice cream truck. The truck will offer all of Best One Yet’s ice cream flavors—such as Peanut Butter Brownie, It’s Your Birthday, Cookies & Cream, and Rocky Mountain Road—by the scoop, served in a cup, cone, cookie sandwich, or cold-brew float. With the truck, the company also hopes to expand its flavor offerings with options such as Around the Campfire (an ode to s’mores) and Banana for Boulder (banana ice cream with banana chips and chocolate). In July, Best One Yet founder Helen Williams purchased a full-size GMC postal truck which she is actively working to convert to an all-vegan ice cream truck. “I’m so glad we were able to launch our business three years ago in the way that we did—the Vegan Vespa was memorable, cute, eye-catching, and so fun, but she had obvious limitations,” Williams told VegNews. “Expanding to a truck means we can do so much more in terms of offerings, travel to more locations, and serve customers for longer durations. I’m inspired by all three of those things, plus the enthusiasm we get from our customers for more.” Williams is currently raising funds through an online crowdfunding campaign to convert the postal vehicle into a functioning ice-cream truck, including wrapping the outside in vinyl. Williams’ goal is to use the truck at all of Best One Yet’s regular weekly and monthly stops in Boulder, CO, plus travel further distances to attend festivals and events outside of her local area, such as Nooch Vegan Market, Denver Vegan Food Truck Rally, Vegan Dairy Fair, VegFest Colorado, and Vegan Night at Rayback.

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