Beauty brand LUSH Cosmetics recently launched its all-vegan Christmas collection featuring 70 festive products, many of which are packaging free. The line includes a wide-variety of festive products such as Yog Nog shower gel, Cookie Dough shower scrub, Santa-shaped bubble bar, candy cane toothpaste, a chocolate-pudding scented Rudolph the Reindeer-themed face mask, a glittery polar bear-shaped bubble bar, and more. In time for Christmas, LUSH also launched 30 pre-wrapped vegan gifts that feature various items from its holiday collection. “Packed to the brim with everything you need from festively fizzing bath bombs to seasonal showers, these vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics are the ideal winter treat for yourself or someone you care about,” LUSH describes the collection. “With plenty of packaging free products and plastic-free lustres, they’re sure to make your Christmas go with a bang, while having minimal impact on the environment.

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