Santa Fe, NM mayor Alan Webber recently signed a proclamation declaring November “Vegan Awareness Month.” Webber’s proclamation cited environmental, health, and ethical reasons why city residents should learn about plant-based eating during November and beyond. “The United National Environmental Program declared that a global shift toward a vegan diet could help save the world from devastating hunger, widespread fuel shortages, and catastrophic climate change,” Mayor Webber’s proclamation states. “Each day a person eating a vegan diet saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pound of grain, 30 square feet of forested lands, the equivalent of 20 pounds of CO2, and one animal’s life.” The Mayor continued to explain the widespread health benefits of a plant-based diet as outlined by American Dietetic Association and directed residents to explore the large variety of vegan options available citywide. “Santa Fe is rightfully celebrated as one of the world’s great food towns, and we pride ourselves on all the delicious vegan options that our restaurants and cafés have to offer,” Mayor Webber told VegNews. “The First Peoples of this land sustained themselves with corn, beans, and squash, and we are proud that these traditional ingredients continue to find their way into contemporary menus. The City of Santa Fe is a leader in water conservation and earth-friendly practices, and we support people who choose a vegan diet for whatever reason, whether health or environment.”