New Zealand-based sports bar HeadQuarters Viaduct (HQ) recently sent a woman (who wishes to remain anonymous) a scathing response to her inquiry about whether or not the establishment served vegan options. “Hi there, do you serve any vegan food?” the woman messaged HQ on Facebook according to screenshots of the conversation she shared with local media outlet NewsHub. “We do a very nice line in water, a small glass as an entrée, a jug for a main (frozen if you like solids) with a gorgeous H2O sauce,” HQ replied. “Other than that we can offer the menu, it’s cardboard, should taste like 97 percent of vegan food you could eat … we’ll cut in three if you’d like three courses. Or we have two pet rabbits, Pie & Stew. You can have some of their nuts and lettuce. Let us know (BTW it’s all carbon neutral food).” HQ owner Leo Molloy denied claims that he wrote the response and would not reveal who did.