Seattle, WA-based food technology startup Rebellyous (previously known as Seattle Food Tech) recently took over a historic building in West Seattle that was previously used as a meat-processing facility. Rebellyous aims to set up the space as a prototype of plant-based “poultry” factory that can beat the animal agriculture industry on the production level. With its novel technology and efficient, eco-friendly machinery and processes, the startup will match the poultry industry’s efficiency without the negative consequences, such as environmental pollution and animal suffering. “We see our new headquarters as the launching pad for a re-imagined poultry industry. We are building a facility that can match Big Chicken’s efficiency without the negative impacts on the animals, the environment, and the humans involved,” Rebellyous founder and CEO Christie Lagally told VegNews. “The Rebellyous team is making meatless [food] for all, and we’re thrilled to be mounting our efforts from our new home in West Seattle.” The Rebellyous team is dedicated to sustainability not only through its broader mission, but in the small, everyday decisions it makes about materials and processes. The company’s intention is to build the first of many meat-processing plants that are converted into plant-based meat production facilities, where it aims to make plant-based chicken nuggets as quickly and affordably as animal-based products from factory farms. Rebellyous products can be found at a number of restaurants, schools, corporate cafeterias, and healthcare facilities in the Pacific Northwest, and the company recently expanded distribution into the San Francisco Bay Area, serving at the University of San Francisco and the corporate cafeteria of a leading startup.

Photo Credit: Glenn Lacey

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