Professional bodybuilder Kai Greene is interested in adopting a plant-based diet after watching vegan documentary The Game Changersa film that focuses on the benefits of following a plant-based diet from the perspective of elite athletes.

“[I am] thinking about going on a plant-based diet [and am] still doing some more research. [Does] anyone here have experiences with it?,” Greene tweeted on October 20, four days after The Game Changers debut on Netflix. James Wilks, producer and narrator on the film, responded back, saying “DM me on Instagram, and I can have our science team/sports dietician help with whatever you need. No one has more info on this than our team when it comes to optimizing performance with plant-based nutrition.” A part of the film that Greene found particularly inspiring is a test conducted on athletes where their blood was drawn and analyzed after they consumed a meat-based meal and a plant-based meal which resulted in visibly cloudy plasma for the former and clear plasma for the latter. “I just saw the documentary on Netflix, bro,” Greene responded to Wilks. “Man, the blood plasma you guys did with the NFL players sure got me thinking.” Greene took second place in the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Mr. Olympia competitions and won several titles in the Arnold Sports Festival—a multi-sport event named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the executive producers of The Game Changers

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