On October 30, shoe brand Call It Spring—owned by the ALDO group—will release its newest vegan line at store locations worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, India, South Africa, Colombia, and Mexico. The 19-item sustainability focused line is made with eco-friendly materials such as post-consumer recycled water bottles, insoles made from an innovative algae-based material the brand calls “BLOOM”, and eco-conscious vegan leathers that are made using fewer chemicals than standard vegan polyurethane. The collection includes two styles of purses; women’s hiking boots, high-heeled boots, and strappy heels; and men’s sneakers, boots, and loafers. By using these materials to create the collection, Call It Spring kept 295,629 standard plastic water bottles out of landfills and oceans and saved 64 tons of carbon dioxide emissions—the equivalent of driving a car around the earth five times. In April, the Canadian company committed to become a fully vegan brand beginning with its Spring 2019 collection. 

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