House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff—a Democrat who represents California’s 28th Congressional District in the United States House Representatives—recently visited meat-free restaurant Tree House Vegetarian in St. Louis, MO. According to the restaurant, the Congressman—who has led the formal impeachment hearings against President Trump—ordered a comforting vegan meal that included the soup of the day, corn bread, and a chorizo tamale.

“We had the distinct honor of cooking dinner for Congressman Adam Schiff last night,” the restaurant shared on social media. “If you don’t know who this is, look him up because every person living in America right now should know about the incredible work that he’s doing. P.S. He’s #vegan.” While Schiff has not publicly confirmed that he is vegan—although other sources have previously come to the same conclusion—but he has been spotted at other vegan restaurants, including Little Pine in Silver Lake, CA where the owner Moby revealed that he has served the Congressman often.