Brazilian soccer legend and two-time World Cup champion Marcos Evangelista de Morais (known as “Cafu”) recently joined forces with vegan company VeganNation to help protect the Amazon rainforest. Cafu became the VeganNation advisory board’s Sports for Sustainability Advisor, which is a position that will promote environmental awareness and sustainability through sports by educating fans on the issues surrounding climate change. “Education is the first step towards change and I fully support VeganNation on this matter,” Cafu said. “What’s happening in the Amazon is a huge concern, not only for us Brazilians, but to anyone who cares about planet Earth. We should all care about our planet, and that’s why education is such an important step. Once we all agree on the importance of caring about how we treat our planet, we’ll start seeing real change.” VeganNation—the company creating the world’s first vegan ecosystem—recently purchased a 10-year lease to preserve 15,000 acres of the Amazon and teamed up with Brazilian female soccer team Iranduba FC to help promote environmental awareness. The move comes after this summer’s record-breaking fires in the Amazon region—which were likely caused by farmers attempting to clear the land for cattle ranching. Earlier this year, VeganNation also secured Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn for its advisory board.

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