Eleven-year-old vegan entrepreneur Omari McQueen recently shared a moving statement about bullying after being attacked at school. McQueen—who launched his own vegan dips brand and Caribbean pop-up restaurant Dipalicious in Croydon, United Kingdom—was targeted at school when an older student ran up to McQueen, grabbed his tie, and said, “You think you’re special,” before punching him in the face. McQueen was shaken the unprovoked attack but his mother, Leah, said instead of feeling angry and going to the school principal, her son felt sorry for the student. The next day, McQueen asked his older brother to film him so he could share a message about bullying. “If you’re being happy, being yourself, and you’re following your passion, there’s always going to be someone who hates what you do,” McQueen said in the video. “Just remember: Never let a bully change what you do … stay humble, be yourself, and your flaws make you unique. And never change.” In addition to his restaurant pop-up and dip company, McQueen is not letting anything stop him from following his passion. According to his mom Leah, McQueen wants to provide meals to the homeless during the upcoming holiday, and is also working on a book.