This week, yogurt brand Yoplait unveiled its Dairy-Free Oui line of coconut milk-based yogurts at select retailers with expanded nationwide distribution scheduled for January 2020. The new line is available in vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, and mango flavors, and each French-style yogurt comes in the brand’s signature glass jar with fruit on the bottom. “There is growing consumer interest in adding plant-based foods into their diets and we want to be able to serve a wide variety of consumers,” Bridget Christenson, a Yoplait spokesperson told VegNews. “There are many reasons that drive consumers to purchase dairy-free—some have strongly held beliefs about how dairy impacts the environment or concerns about dairy’s impact on the body, some may have health reasons like dairy intolerance or avoid dairy as part of a weight-loss regimen.” Christenson explained that the new plant-based line was created to cater to shifting consumer purchasing habits. “There are also an increasing number of people who consume dairy-based yogurts that are eating both dairy-based and dairy-free options,” she said. “People are open to experimenting more and trying new things, something we have seen happening across the yogurt category for some time.” The US launch of Dairy-Free Oui is part of a greater move to add more plant-based options across the company’s international product portfolio. In March, it launched coconut milk-based Panier de Yoplait Végétal au lait de Coco and almond milk-based Panier de Yoplait Végétal au lait d’Amande in France and will debut Liberté Dairy-Free in Canada in mid-January.

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