New vegan podcast “Switch4Good” debuted this week. The podcast is hosted by vegan actress and wellness coach Alexandra Paul (who played Stephanie Holden on popular series Baywatch) and vegan Olympic cycling medalist Dotsie Bausch. The pair—who both struggled with food addiction during their twenties—will interview a variety of guests, including expert nutritionists, professional athletes, thought leaders, physicians, and plant-based celebrities to help listeners optimize their mental and physical health with a plant-based diet. During its first episode, Switch4Good welcomed vegan doctor Milton Mills, MD, who is a vocal proponent of eschewing animal products to optimize health. Future guest stars will include actress Emily Deschanel, bodybuilder Giacomo Marchese, and YouTube star Brian Turner. The podcast is part of a larger Switch4Good campaign founded by Bausch and backed by top athletes to encourage the public to ditch animal products for good. In 2018, the campaign aired an anti-dairy public service announcement during the Olympics to rival advertisements for milk, and also sent a demand letter to BOCA urging the food company to go vegan. To promote the new podcast, users who register with the campaign will be entered to win a variety of prizes, including a gift basket filled “to the brim” with vegan cheeses. The next episode of “Switch4Good” is scheduled to air sometime next week, with regular episodes planned for every Tuesday thereafter.