Frozen yogurt franchise Orange Leaf reported a 6-percent increase in same-store sales in 2018, driven by its unique vegan soft-serve flavors. Last summer, the company collaborated with Jolly Ranchers to create two limited-time vegan soft-serve options, Blue Raspberry and Green Apple, that mimic the candy brand’s iconic flavors. In addition to strategic partnerships and new off-premises initiatives (such as delivery options), Orange Leaf President Kendall Ware explained that the biggest in-store gains were the result of its new vegan options. “Our differentiator was being the first frozen yogurt franchise to offer two of Jolly Ranchers’ most popular flavors as dairy-free froyo,” Orange Leaf President Kendall Ware said. “Our guests went crazy for it and our franchise partners are ready for us to bring it back.” In the meantime, Orange Leaf serves several other non-dairy flavors, including raspberry lemonade, pink lemonade, orange, lemon, lemon bar, and pineapple.