Lifelong vegetarian actress Livien Lyra Blair—who played the role of “Girl” in hit film Bird Box—recently spoke to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) about her favorite vegan foods. “I like fruit a lot; fruit and veggies. I like edamame and asparagus, green beans, and the Tofu Rice Bowl from Yuko Kitchen,” Blair said in the video interview, adding that she is “still working on liking spinach more.” The six-year-old actress also discussed her rescue cat companions, revealing that orange tabby Lazlo is, “the meowiest of them all” and advising viewers to abstain from purchasing animals and to adopt them instead. “I’ve always loved animals so much,” Blair said. “And I’d never think of doing anything to hurt them.” In her breakthrough role, Blair spends most of her on-screen time blindfolded to avoid the film’s invisible monster. “My eyes were covered in Bird Box, but I always look out for animals—that’s why I’m a vegetarian.”

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