Louisville, KY-based vegan eatery Morels Cafe recently launched a spicy sandwich-eating challenge for the month of February. Known as the Lucifarby Challenge, it pits customers against the café’s Lucifarby sandwich—a spicy vegan version of the classic “Farby” roast beef and cheddar sandwich—which includes braised Tofurky roast beef and vegan cheese sauce whipped with a super-hot sauce (at a face-melting 357,000 Scoville units) on a slider bun, topped with a hot-sauce-coated vegan wing and served on a bed of chili threads. If a customer can eat the entire sandwich, they receive a free T-shirt emblazoned with: “I met Lucifarby and kicked its ass.” “The Farby sandwich has a life of its own at the café,” Morels owner Stanley Chase, III told VegNews. “We’re constantly coming up with creative ways to dress it up. We came up with the Farbruary concept a couple of months ago, which would be a special month of focusing on all of our Farby concoctions we’ve been coming up with in the kitchen over the last two years.” Due to the popularity of the challenge, Chase said he plans to extend the Lucifarby Challenge beyond February.

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